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UNE Ketchum Library Art Gallery, Biddeford Maine

SANCTUARY, the spring/summer 2020 show at the UNE Ketchum Library Gallery in Biddeford, is a collaborative installation by artist Carrie Scanga and writer Emily Rapp Black. In this immersive show, viewers are invited to investigate an abstractly ritualized space composed of a cut-paper chamber. Within the sanctuary of this quiet place, viewers reflect on personal histories of embodied experience (especially medical experience), and write in a spirit of openness and reflection. The writing is then left behind to be collected by the artists, and a zine--composed of poetry hinging on embodied experience--is taken home.

This environment of creative reciprocity is augmented by a gallery of Scanga's prints, juxtaposed with texts arranged by Rapp Black, that point us toward the open questions surrounding the nature of embodied experience. SANCTUARY begins at UNE in 2020 and will travel to medical centers and sites of healing around the country, transforming organically over time.